Information & rules
Fish in your local waters throughout the competition or in whatever European water you want
both in qualify and final.

European pike masters is a team competition where anglers all over europe can measure up against each other.
The concept is simple. Fish where ever you want in Europe, catch pike - measure - take picture - upload picture..


You register to the competition as a team. 1-3 persons. Its the five longest pikes (THE BIG 5) that decides your placement in the competition. Catch pike - measure - take picture - upload to where you also can follow the score live all during the competition. You upload the pikes you catch the same day you catch them. 

GROUPS  - When registration closes 27/9 all teams will be devided in to groups (maximum 50 team / group) The draw is completely random and have nothing to which country you belong to. TOP 3 teams from every group ends up in the final 26-27 okt 2019


In any European water where its allowed to fish for pike.


There is no limits regarding platform. Just follow the rules where you fish.


Permitted fishing methods is spinn, jerkbait, fly, jigg/dropshot, trolling and deadbait. 
Only one active rod per person is allowed.


The qualify round for the groups is 28/9 - 20/10 2019. When the competition jury announce the result there will be 3 teams from every group going to the final 26-27/10 -2019 (also in any European water).


Its up to you as a competitor/TEAM to take pictures in a way that confirm that the measuring tool is used correct. DO NOT PUT THE MEASURING DEVICE ON THE PIKE!

Unclear images can be disqualified or drop a few cm.
Take your photos so that its clear that the nose is at zero and that the tail fin is clearly showing the specified length.
Always put the jaw to the left and the belly down so we can se the correct side of the fish.

Minimum length for pike is 70 cm.

  1. Take a picture of the pike against a measuring device (measure tape or ruler) displaying your start number that you will get 28/9 08.00 
  2. Take a picture of you holding the pike
  3. Upload both pictures to
  4. The pikes is reported in full cm meaning that 100.9cm is 100cm.
  5. A pike can only be registered one time / team during qualify no re catches is allowed.
  6. Take the picture från ZERO on the measuring device and up not from the side.

Make sure that the pictures is convincing and beyond doubt or you might lose some inches or the picture might be unusable. Stretch your measuring tool if possible or inches can be lost.

Perfect measuring picture taken on a 117cm pike. The stop to the left make its super easy to se that the jaw starts at zero. Build one like this to be home safe.

Perfect posing picture:

It is always the competition management who ultimately determines whether a fish can be approved or not. We do not, however, thumb on the above rules. This is to make it fair to everyone and to eliminate cheating. Think of the rules above - and take some extra photos to be sure.

Note that the result is temporary until a competition jury has reviewed it after the competition end date. We will check reports continuously during the competition period, but even if we do, there is a chance that the results list will change at the end of the competition after a final review by us. 

The total length of the five longest pike over 70 centimeters may be included in the competition. If two teams have the same total length, the team with the longest fish wins. Should it also be the same length, we look at each team's second longest fish, etc. If a team does not receive 5 pike over 70 cm, it is of course possible to compete with smaller numbers.

During the course of the competition you can, on the results page, keep track of you and the other teams' placement in the competition. Note that the result is temporary until a competition jury has reviewed it after the competition end date.